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A little bit about me ...

From young age I had the dream of becoming a model, I used to follow the magazines and the generations before me and I could only imagine to become one of these models in the future. Around the age of sixteen the opportunity came and I grabbed it! Soon after that I became a regular in Iceland's magazines and successfully established myself as a fresh face in the modelling world. My free mind, strength and open personality has made me the leading Icelandic glamour model, business woman as well as making me a icon for many young girls and women. Beside my modelling and TV career I'm also a mother of three, designer and producer of my own brand name IceQueen that includes both lingerie and cosmetic collection. The foreign press often represents me as The IceQueen and this name has followed me around the world for the last 15 years, but behind this Icy cold name is just a warm harted country girl from Egilsstadir ;) For the last 10 years I've been lucky to have traveled around Europe as a footballer-wife and been living with my family in Iceland, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria where I got to know different cultures, habits, amazing people and a lot of adventures..

 (Photos: IceQueen lingerie collection)

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Over the past years I’ve experienced both the pros and cons of being a celebrity. But I’ve remained focused on my activities, always going for my goals and what I want to achieve, whether it’s popular or not. I'm proud to say that I have followed my dreams my whole career and I'm planning on doing that in the future and keep on challenging my self in new exiting adventures..

My work has been featured in Magazines like MAX, Maxim, Playboy, FHM, Top Gear, GQ, Glamour, Mary Claire, Cosmopolitan, OK, INTRO, EVA and many more...

I´ve had my Beauty & fashion columns for OK magazine and few Icelandic medias and as for TV Ive done many fun projects, TV shows, movie extras, reality TV and just finished my favorite show ''The Icequeen World'' for the leading Icelandic TV Channel 2.



Hope you enjoy my work!

Hugz & Kisses


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